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Desperate Vampiric Housewives

Desperate Housewives + Twilight = ???

You knew them in their youth.  You saw them sparkle.  You saw them reach their happy ending.

But what happens when they… grow up?

“He doesn’t seem to sparkle as much any more… I need more spark in my sparkle, know what I’m saying?”

The new saga… is about to begin.

“Love will find a way.”
“Well, love isn’t finding you a pay rise or more sparkles.”

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and self-awakening – all over again.

“I’m just saying we should like, take a break.  See other people.”
“You’re not seeing other people, you’re seeing that damn werewolf.”
“Hello?  I’m like saying, people people.  I kinda miss them, you know?”

And watch as our heroes confront the most frightening thing known to man.

“Oh god.  I’ve become my parents.  Without the sparkles.”

Coming to a TV screen near you in a million years.

P.S. A look into the mind of the TV executive who thought this up.

“You know, some dude mashed Jane Austen with zombies and that kinda worked really well.  There’s got to be some other mashup out there that’ll bring in the big bucks.  I’d ask my teenage daughter, but she’s going crazy over some kind of vampire love story… Yeah, can’t figure her out.  Hmm… speaking of women, didn’t that one hit show with desperate older woman end recently?…”

P.P.S I blame #blogchat for this.



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